Simplify the connections between many leading insurance companies and premium finance companies for workers’ compensation and more…

payroll-Feed -features

Rapidly onboard new partners

Automate key onboarding processes to start doing business in hours instead of days

Modernize IT systems

Migrate data from legacy systems to the cloud in half the time without disruption

Improve Operations

Accelerate data flows between critical systems while reducing risk of costly errors

Modern and Secure

Transfer data securely with ease to our cloud based platform

Better Collaboration

Accelerate information flows with data integration software that enables more business engagement and faster responses

Drive New Opportunities

Accept and process data of any type, size or source to quickly bring on new application, partner and customer dataflows

Enhance Value

Extend data integration capabilities out to partners to strengthen business relationships

Modernize your integration

System Integration

Improved efficiency

Increase productivity by eliminating multiple connections to various third parties to reduce errors and redundancy.

Reduced complexity

Eliminate frustrations of disconnected systems with an all in one platform designed for the modern era.

Increased options

Our pre-configured templates quickly allow a user to transfer required payroll data to different sources with ease.

Focus on revenue, not integrations

Deliver more value

We help your organization leverage our data connections to deliver more workers compensation providers.

Increase your offerings

By utilizing our services, you can focus on your core competencies and ensure security.

Mitigate risk

Our solution eliminates the risk of managing multiple files to multiple carriers, state funds or premium finance companies.

We're Here to Help You

We are integration experts.  Whether you are looking to simplify or consolidate your clients data needs, we have you covered.